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Wine Tastings

Swirl, sniff and savor!wine-tasting

In the comfort of your home, at a business, a local restaurant or even a country club, you’ll find wine tastings are perfect for private entertaining or for business networking — for small parties or hundreds of guests.

Opulent President Sue Sabol, a certified sommelier, offers two types of tastings:

  • Luscious Lessons When tasting and fun learning are the focus, you’ll love Sue’s friendly, amenable style. She enlightens guests on the flavor, color, aroma and texture of the wine. Her mini lessons include wine and food pairings, tasting evaluations, old-world versus new-world wines, and classic varietals.
  • Social Sips When mixing and mingling are the central point, we set up tasting tables. As guests approach, we pour the wine of their choice, providing a dash of information about the selected wines, while answering any questions.

Your event will be priced according to the number of people attending and the types of wine served. Opulent can match wine choices with your budget, and food pairings can be arranged.